For the classes you need:

– A pair of black pants
– A black or white t-shirt from the club
– Sneakers with thin soles
– A belt depending on your level

You can buy the material directly from us, or bring your own.



Welcome to our Kung Fu Club!

You will learn combat techniques that give you good defence reflexes and make your movements more toned and dynamic. You might have seen Kung Fu masters on the screens defeating bad guys with kicks, punches and strikes from the edge of their hands. In Kung Fu battles, these masters move like lightning and jump high in the air. One strike immediately follows the other. And these masters know not only how to attack but also how to avoid the blows that come from their opponent.

What you may not know is that Kung Fu, also known as wushu (woo-shoo), is a very old Chinese martial art. It was developed by Buddhist monks in the famous Shaolin temple from the sixth century onwards. If you say that someone “has kung fu” in Chinese, this means that they master a skill after long practice. In the West, kung fu is commonly translated as “martial art”. In the beginning, it was indeed a set of combat techniques (bare-handed or with weapons) to defeat enemies in war, but today, Kung Fu is practiced as a sports activity.


Who is leading the classes?

Classes are led by experienced instructors who have been practicing in the association for several years. Most of them are also instructors for adults. You can see  them here.