NOFØDRA Kung Fu – Taiji Quan – Qi Gong

NOFØDRA is a school founded in 2007 aiming to promote Chinese martial arts (Kung Fu and Taiji Quan) and Qi Gong in Oslo. Training is supervised by several experienced instructors, trained for years in the association. Our adult classes (from 16 years old) are mixed classes, suitable for all ages and are taught in English. Our new children classes are taught in Norwegian and are accessible from the age of 6.

Our philosophy is based on respect of both oneself and the others, as well as on the protection of the physical integrity of everybody. We always put health forward in every class. We think that regular practice of a physical activity, together with a proper diet are essential for a long and healthy life.

Beside the regular classes, NOFØDRA organizes seminars and invites instructors from abroad to enrich the teaching. We have connections in France (Paris, south of France) Italy (Milano) and also in China (Yunnan and Wudang).

NOFØDRA is a member of Norges Kampsportforbund (NKF).


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Kung Fu


Kung Fu (also called Wushu) combines a wide variety of kicks and punches, together with throwing down and joint dislocation techniques (Qin Na). It is accessible to all ages and is a perfect way for kids to develop their psychomotricity while having a lot of fun. In our association we practice both modern (Chang Quan, Sanda) and traditional styles (Tang Lang Quan, Shaolin Quan). We also use weapons such as staff, nunchaku, sword.


Taiji Quan


Taiji Quan is an internal martial art. It strengthens flexibility, relaxation and concentration by the slow and harmonious doing of fighting techniques. Working on rooting, axis and personal space, it brings awareness and control of oneself. We also cover martial applications of the movements and practice regularly Tui-Shou, also called “push-hands”.

Our main style is the Yang Taiji Quan.






Qi Gong


Qi Gong is an energetic gymnastics for health, closely related to Chinese medicine and philosophy. The main purpose of our Qi Gong practice is to maintain health as good as possible all along life. It includes soft and harmonious movements, stretching, but also stance and breathing exercises with mind work and relaxation. Qi Gong allows free flow of energy, calming emotions and maintaining the physical balance.

Our main style is the Daoyin Yangsheng Gong (stretching of the meridians)