YinYangRred-1In France (EPHEDRA school)

ASCAM (Association Sports de Combat et Arts Martiaux)

Association located in Paris proposing classes of Kung Fu Wushu, Taiji Quan, and Qi Gong. ASCAM has separated classes for adults, teenagers, and children.

APAMC (Association Parisienne d’Arts Martiaux Chinois)

This Parisian association works together with ASCAM and also proposes classes of Kung Fu, Taiji Quan, and Qi Gong.

Wushu Feng Drôme Ardèche

Association created in 2007 in Ardèche (South of France) by Nicolas Chef d’Hotel, proposing classes of Kung Fu and Taiji Quan. The Kung Fu classes are opened separately for adults and children.

FBEP (Association Forme et Bien-Être Paris)

This association was established in 2008 by Leah Marjollet and proposes classes of Taiji Quan and Qi Gong in Paris.

Cercle Budo de Douardenez

Founded in 2003 by Christian Guillo, this association promotes Budo (Art of peace) by a common practice of different oriental martial art schools (Iaido, Taiji Quan, Aikido).

In Italy

Tana dei dragoni

This school, located in Milano, was founded by Mario Mandra in 1988 and is a good friend of EPHEDRA. It promotes Chinese martial arts and culture, offering instruction in Kung Fu (praying mantis) for adults and children, Wing Chun, Xin Yi Quan, Taiji Quan (Yang and Chen styles), Qi Gong …

In Norway

Oslo Wu-Tan

Oslo Wu-Tan was established by Paolo Castaneda in March of 2003 and offers instruction in Kung Fu (Long Fist and Northern Praying Mantis), and Taiji Quan (Chen style).