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Elvelangs i fakkellys 2019, Oslo

Elvelangs i fakkellys 2016, Oslo

Elvelangs i fakkellys 2014, Oslo

The video from the event “Elvelangs i Fakkellys 2014” is ready!

Elvelangs i fakkellys 2013, Oslo

Performing kung fu and tai chi at the annual event “Elvelangs i fakkellys”, in September 2013.

EPHEDRA Tournament 2011, Paris

On Saturday, June 11th 2011, 4 students from NOFØDRA joined the annual tournament of EPHEDRA school in Paris. They participated in the Taolu and Sanda games and performed a demonstration of the 36 Shaolin kicks. It was a lot of fun as you can see in this video.