Kung Fu seminar – søndag 15. oktober 2017

Program: Shaolin Xiao Hong Quan

From 9:30 to 16:30 with a break for lunch

At Drammensveien 288, Oslo, Lysaker

Instructor: Matteo Pepe-Espert

Price: 650 NOK (For people participating to both Taiji/QiGong and Kung Fu seminars, the price for the week-end is 1000 NOK.)

To sign up use the registration form. For any further information please send an e-mail to nofodramail@nofodra.com

Deadline to sign up: 10th of October

Xiao Hong Quan (“the little red fist”) is one of the most practiced choreography of the Shaolin style. It requires energetic and powerful movements. Efficiency is prioritized over the artistic aspect. Defensive stances are compact, without any opening for potential hits, and the attacks are explosive. It is a very good choreography to work on the typical movements of the Shaolin style.

The seminar is accessible to everybody and to all levels.